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north is growing so fast
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"Lady Gaga didn’t reintroduce renaissance art to the media."

You’re totally right. It’s not like she got painted into old historical paintings that got hung up at the Louvre and got her last album cover with old works of art fused in revealed on Clear Channel billboards around the world or anything.

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Britney Spears speaks out about Lady Gaga’s career.




Hilary Duffs new song is going to be the most important highlight of 2014

*the 21th century

*21st century lol

That says alot how dead was pop music this year :(

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Britney Spears began teaching English to Rihanna in 2005 after Spears heard Rihanna’s single Pon de Replay from her Spanish-language album Music of the Sun. Britney saw a lot of potential in the Caribbean singer’s music career and knew that the only way she could achieve global success was if she knew English. Spears’ faith was validated when Rihanna released an English-language song, titled SOS, one year after the release of Pon De Replay and it became her first #1 single on the Hot 100 chart. Rihanna completed her education under Spears in 2011 and has since made herself into one of the top-earning singers in the world. Spears and Rihanna are pictured above at Rihanna’s graduation.